Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

Don't let those bad old monsters get you.


OK....I'm going back under my rock now.

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QOD & Trivia Sun 10/31

Question of the Day - Today is Halloween! Do you know another form that the vampire Dracula could take? Bat

Which awards ceremony honors excellence in TV? Emmy Awards

In Get Shorty and Be Cool, John Travolta played: Chili Palmer

Where is the TV show, The L Word located? Los Angeles

Which actress played Viola in the movie Shakespeare in Love? Gwyneth Paltrow

Who was NOT a character on Petticoat Junction? Bonnie Joe

Which is the name of a 1980s TV program? Who's the Boss?

Which star of Bedtime for Bonzo went on to become a world leader? Ronald Reagan

Complete the name of this actor, from TV's Picket Fences: _________ Cheadle. Don

Johnny Depp played Officer Tom Hanson on this TV series: 21 Jump Street

Danny DeVito starred in _______ Man. Renaissance

Whose final movie was Thieves of Fortune? Lee Van Cleef

On 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sally is actually a male alien. True

In the movie Norbit, who raised Norbit? Mr. Wong

Where does Jaws take place? Amity Island

Which is not a character from Animaniacs? Yakko

What is the fur purse in front of a Scottish kilt called? Sporran

Studio One began to be broadcast on CBS TV in which year? 1948

Bruce ____ starred in the TV show Moonlighting. Willis

What TV show introduced "Cousin Oliver" in its last six episodes? The Brady Bunch

The 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine is based on whose music? The Beatles

Where is the TV show, The Odd Couple located? New York

On The Drew Carey Show, what is the special ingredient in Buzz Beer? Coffee

Who plays Farmer Ted in the John Hughes movie, Sixteen Candles? Anthony Michael Hall

Dan Cortese, star of Veronica's Closet, did NOT appear on this show: Mad About You

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Friday, October 29, 2010

QOD & Trivia Sat 10/30

Question of the Day (worth 100 Oodles) -  Boo! America was spooked by a supposed Martian attack when what radio broadcast went out 72 years ago today? War of the Worlds

Which of the following is a talk show that Bill Maher hosted? Politically Incorrect

Which TV series was set in the waiting room of a small airfield on Nantucket? Wings

Mr. Slate ran the quarry. Arnold was the paperboy. What was the TV show? The Flintstones

"I'm your Huckleberry," was the catchphrase of what Val Kilmer character? Doc Holliday

Alan Thicke wrote the theme song for Diff'rent Strokes. True

Fill in the blank for the 1972 TV show: The ____ Newhart Show. Bob

On Scrubs, what is the full name of J.D.? John Dorian

In which year was E! True Hollywood Story first broadcast on E! TV? 1996

"The Eye of the Tiger" was the theme song of which film? Rocky III

This T.V. lawyer fell into the toilet: Ally McBeal

On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Hilary's fiance died during a bungee-jump proposal. True

What is musician Bon Jovi's first name? Jon

What rap group starred in a reality TV show called Adventures in Hollyhood? Three 6 Mafia

Fill in the blank for the name of The Cosby Show's star: _____ Cosby. Bill

What actor plays Dwight Schrute on The Office? Rainn Wilson

Colin Farrell starred in A Home at the End of the _____. World

On Friends, what star from 24 played the father of Phoebe's boyfriend Mike? Gregory Itzin

On CHiPs, what is Ponch's first name? Frank

Who guest-starred as the "close talker" on television's Seinfeld? Judge Reinhold

Warren Weber was better known to the people on Happy Days as _________. Potsie

The tagline "He doesn't just talk to the animals!" comes from which 1998 movie? Doctor Dolittle

Which of the following is NOT a Charlie's Angels character? Shauni

Jeopardy! first aired in which year? 1964

Which was a 1999-2005 TV crime drama? Third Watch

On TV, what was the name of "Rhoda's" mother? Ida

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Today's GSN Live Oodles Results - Fri 10/29

Lingo's Chuck Woolery vows to stay away from contestant Michael after he says he did what for 11 years? Practiced martial arts

Without rhyme or reason, Chuck Woolery hints that the Lingo writers are too dumb to come up with what word? Thumb

"Neck," "Face/Cheeks," and "Chest" are the top three answers to what Family Feud survey? Places where men put cologne

Faithful to a cheater? Catch 21 contestant Eleanor is adamant that she still likes whom? Tiger Woods

A cover-up? What does Deal or No Deal contestant David take off claiming he can't see with it on? Eye patch

What is today's Secret Word on GSN Live? Sky

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Source for Your Oodles Answers

Hey everyone!

There is a new site starting up to bring you the GSN Live and Question of the Day / Daily Trivia answers. It can be found at There will be a link back to this blog for any answers not available there.

A big thank you to Robert Truskey for taking on this effort. And, a big thank you for all your support over the past year.

Don't forget: I will be posting through 10/31.


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QOD & Trivia Fri 10/29

Question of the Day - Cassius Clay won his first professional fight 50 years ago today. What did he later change his name to? Muhammad Ali

Adam West played Spider-Man in a 1960s television series. False

Which was an '80s TV program about two female police detectives? Cagney & Lacey

In the 1991 version of Cape Fear, what book does Max Cady give Danielle? Sexus

Hugh Jackman starred on St. Elsewhere. False

In which TV show do two attractive cops ride motorcycles? CHiPs

Complete the name of the TV program: NewsHour with Jim _____. Lehrer

On the TV show Strangers with Candy, school vending machines dispense this dish: Marinated ribs

In which year was Murder, She Wrote first broadcast on CBS TV? 1984

Melissa Gilbert starred on The Waltons. False

The novel and screenplay to the movie, The Exorcist was written by this man: William Peter Blatty

What's the right name of this 1968 TV program? Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

On Grey's Anatomy, Derek has an affair with: Meredith

t did Ariel want in The Little Mermaid? Legs

What was "Private Benjamin's" first name, in the Goldie Hawn film? Judy

Frankie Muniz starred in My Dog _____. Skip

How is Jim Lehrer best known on American TV? News anchor

SpongeBob SquarePants has a pet snail named Paul. False

In the mid-1960s, future PBS host Bill Moyers worked for what U.S. President? Lyndon Johnson

Who visited South Park to present Eric Cartman with a writing award? Kathy Lee Gifford

Who played John Wayne's son in the classic western, Red River? Montgomery Clift

Who left an imprint of skate blades behind at the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Sonja Henie

Which movie starred the actress who plays Izzie on Grey's Anatomy? 27 Dresses

On Will & Grace, who calls almost everyone "Honey"? Karen

What film featured Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler? Armageddon

What's the correct name of this 1972 TV program? Bridget Loves Bernie

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Today's GSN Live Oodles Results - Thurs 10/28

Better start over: Caleb nearly shuts down Lingo with his comical mispronunciation of what word? Began

When he's not diving off cliffs or jumping out of planes, what gets Lingo contestant Greg's heart racing? His girlfriend, Tiffany

What is the #1 response to the Family Feud survey: "At what age is a woman most fascinating"? 30

What is today's Secret Word on GSN Live? Stone

What do Deal or No Deal models Tameka and Patricia give the crowd after the case with $50 is opened? M&M's brand candies

Deal or No Deal contestant Ronnie tells Howie he's "Mr." what? "Mr. Mom"

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