Tuesday, October 5, 2010

QOD & Trivia Wed 10/6

Question of the Day - Singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw married on this day in 1996. They're known for what type of music? Country

What is the correct name of the 1995 TV program? The Parent 'Hood

What's the correct name of the 1981 TV program, aired on the USA network? Night Flight

What was the family's name on Family Matters? Winslow

How did the character Izzie on Grey's Anatomy pay her way through school? Modeled underwear

What actor played the original Dracula in 1931? Boris Karloff

What's the correct name of the 1968 TV program? The Mod Squad

Which director's first feature film was 1925's The Pleasure Garden? Alfred Hitchcock

The West Wing TV series was created by which famous writer/producer? Aaron Sorkin

What was the name of the youngest family member on the TV show, Dinosaurs? Baby

In what year did the TV series The Adventures of Mark & Brian begin? 1991

Who voiced the dragon in Dragonheart? Sean Connery

On the TV show Cheers, who played the character "Norm Peterson"? George Wendt

What was the motion picture that Milos Forman made in 1984? Amadeus

What's the right name of this 1985 soap opera? Berrenger's

How old is Rose in the film Titanic? 17

What is the correct name of the 1995 TV sitcom? Unhappily Ever After

The director of See No Evil, Hear No Evil was: Arthur Hiller

On what TV show did Edie Falco play a character named Carmela? The Sopranos

In what year did The Dick Van Dyke Show debut? 1961

What actor played Ben in Fever Pitch? Jimmy Fallon

Which actress wasn't one of the new Angels in the Charlie's Angels movies? Madonna

Mandy Moore hosted her own daytime MTV series. True

As the World Turns airs on this network: CBS

On whose show does Rupert Jee frequently appear? David Letterman

For what TV show did Cloris Leachman win a TV Golden Globe Award in 1976? Phyllis

Who played the role of "Juanita" in the TV series 413 Hope St.? Shari Headley

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