Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh No!!!!!! They Didn't?!?!?!

It looks as though we will be able to earn fewer Oodles now. Several of the games have been added to the Leaderboard competitions and no longer have questions available.

Good news - It takes less time to answer the questions.

Bad news - If you play the games you have to be in the top level of the leaderboards.

Here is the announcement from the GSN Forum

GSN and the Oodles Prize Team is very excited to announce even MORE games are Leaderboard enabled!

It’s time to get your game on, because we will soon be awarding Oodles to the top daily and weekly players in ALL of the following:

Previously enabled:


Newly enabled:

Mahjongg Alchemy
Mahjongg Toy Chest
Klondike Solitaire
Alu’s Revenge

Are you a top player? If so, you could win up to 500 Oodles PER DAY and up to 1,000 Oodles PER WEEK! In addition, you can earn up to 2,000 Oodles MONTHLY, so what are you waiting for? Get your practice in now and see if you can get on the Leaderboards because they will soon be Oodle-enabled!

For more information, click here. For specific prize information, click the "Top Players Win Oodles!" link at the top of the Leaderboard.

I personally am not interested in attempting to beat out thousands of people every day to try to win Oodles on these games. Most of them, I don't even care for (I do play Mahjongg, because I enjoy it). They make it sound like such a great opportunity, but I never place in the top 100 on any of the games (some people rank 1, 2, 3, & 4 - How do they do that I wonder?)

I'm not sure they realize they will likely lose a number of viewers and players if they keep doing things like this.

What do you think?

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  2. I completely agree with you. Back when Dove Difference was there, I was able to score very high but couldn't get anywhere near the top score and wondered how they did it. I would get all the mistakes in about 1/2 the time. I didn't seem to be able to go any faster.
    I don't care to compete and only play the games I need to play to get the spins.
    I find it irritating that they keep taking away oodle opportunities. If they aren't interested in giving us oodles, why keep the program at all?

  3. I definately don't like this either. Only the top 75 players win oodles daily. Even if you are lucky enough to be one of the 75 best players, the prizes aren't all that exciting. In my opinion, only the top 10 prizes are worth while. Here are the DAILY prize levels:

    1st place prize: 500
    2nd place prize: 450
    3rd place prize: 425
    4th place prize: 400
    5th place prize: 350
    6th place prize: 300
    7th place prize: 275
    8th place prize: 200
    9th place prize: 150
    10th place prize: 100
    11th place prize: 70
    12th place prize: 70
    13th place prize: 58
    14th place prize: 58
    15th place prize: 58
    16th place prize: 44
    17th place prize: 44
    18th place prize: 44
    19th place prize: 34
    20th place prize: 34
    21st place prize: 34
    22nd place prize: 34
    23rd place prize: 34
    24th place prize: 34
    25th place prize: 34
    26th place prize: 34
    27th place prize: 34
    28th place prize: 29
    29th place prize: 29
    30th place prize: 29
    31st place prize: 29
    32nd place prize: 29
    33rd place prize: 29
    34th place prize: 29
    35th place prize: 29
    36th place prize: 29
    37th place prize: 24
    38th place prize: 24
    39th place prize: 24
    40th place prize: 24
    41st place prize: 24
    42nd place prize: 24
    43rd place prize: 24
    44th place prize: 24
    45th place prize: 24
    46th place prize: 22
    47th place prize: 22
    48th place prize: 22
    49th place prize: 22
    50th place prize: 22
    51st place prize: 22
    52nd place prize: 22
    53rd place prize: 22
    54th place prize: 22
    55th place prize: 22
    56th place prize: 22
    57th place prize: 22
    58th place prize: 22
    59th place prize: 22
    60th place prize: 22
    61st place prize: 22
    62nd place prize: 22
    63rd place prize: 22
    64th place prize: 19
    65th place prize: 19
    66th place prize: 19
    67th place prize: 19
    68th place prize: 19
    69th place prize: 19
    70th place prize: 19
    71st place prize: 19
    72nd place prize: 19
    73rd place prize: 18
    74th place prize: 18
    75th place prize: 18

    I think the GSN Oodles program is going down the tubes. First they fail to restock their prize selection (The gift card section is bare except for cards to their own store) and now there are fewer opportunities to win oodles. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted...

  4. Not to accuse anyone of dirty dealings, but I heard some talk on line of bots that computer savants have developed to basically have the computer play for them, meaning they can play at speeds far greater than us mere mortals. I remember on the Dove Difference game, there were scores listed that were only possible if you ID'd the difference within one or two seconds. I wonder if GSN is aware of this.

  5. I agree. It is very disappointing. I'm a mom with a toddler and do not have time to spend all day, playing the games over and over again to try to get in the top 75, so I am for sure losing oodles! Ugh!

  6. I agree - It is very often the same players getting the top scores. I have seen where there scores almost seem impossible. Makes you wonder! I know there are cheaters out there - and I think this is only going to make it more difficult for us legitimate players.
    I played and ranked in a couple of games yesterday and did not receive any oodles.
    I think they should keep the 10 point oodle question AND have the games on leaderboards for those who like that.

  7. I'm fed up with GSN at the moment.

    They are trying to appeal to a different audience, but it's clearly not working (I'm 22 and only watch GSN for good quality gameshows, not reality shows).

    I also enjoy answering the questions, more than playing the games. I'm off as soon as I collect enough for a half decent prize that's in stock.

  8. Yeah, this is ridiculous. Most (if not all) of the top leaderboard scores aren't even realistic. I only play Straws and Catch 21 to earn my Wonder Wheel spins. So instead of giving the thousands of loyal oodlers 10pts for answering those questions, they're giving 500 to select people with questionable scores? Wow.

    Is this another attempt to divert our attention from the yet-to-be replenished gift cards?

  9. I Agree. Even though I have played the games as well, I do not seem to ever make it further than a 100. I agree that if they keep making changes that they will lost customers. However, I realize that due to the economy, they are looking for ways to cut costs, but I think this is the wrong way to do it. They will surely lose customers if they keep this up. That's just my opinion.

  10. Great comments!

    I know from reading the GSN Oodles Forum that there are a lot of people who have complained about the rankings being taken over by a few people and that they believe bots are being used.

    I know a number of people who have complained directly to GSN and it seems as though GSN has chosen not to address the issue.

    Just and FYI - You don't actually have to play Catch 21 and Straws to get the spins. All you have to do is let it start and then close it. It will award you the spin automatically.

    Keep on Oodling! (As best as you can) :-)

  11. Thanks, Rowdy

    I definitely only hit the "play now" button for the Wonder Wheel games, get my spin, and keep it moving! :-)

  12. Rowdy can I make a suggestion?

    The more people that GSN hears from that are unhappy about the situation the more likely they are to do something about it. Most people on the message board are unhappy with it as well. Since your blog is read by so many oodlers why not repost this message and urge anyone who is unhappy to comment both on the message board about it and message GSN directly. It may not help but it doesn't hurt to try.

    Thanks Rowdy!

  13. Thats a good idea. It can't hurt to give it a try.

    Let's see what happens.

  14. I have complained but always get the stock reply. In other words they don't listen. How long has the Gift cards been out of stock. A long time, except for their own which i don't want and no one else does either from the looks of it.

  15. From what's been happening recently, It appears that GSN is going more and more to the gaming concept ala pogo. There are less and less good prizes, unlike when this first started. I wouldn't be surprised if they eliminated prizes and went to drawings instead. I hope I'm wrong.

  16. I have never redeemed the oddles I earned since I started. I saved them for the gift cards. I have noticed the gift cards have been out of stock about thanksgiving time. What I find strange is I have read in the message board on gsn that other was lucky enough to redeem the gift cards. How did they do that? I guess one needs to be on gsn 24/7!

  17. I understand your frustrations over the gift cards. They are really the only reason why I started this.

    Most of the good ones have been taken away and no word as to when (or if) they will be back. The ones that are left are restocked at random times during the day (in extremely limited quantities). So, you pretty much have to be on GSN's site 24/7 to get one. (And, I refuse to get one of theirs.)

    I hope they start listening to us and fix the issues we have communicated to them. I sincerely hope they don't go to drawings only. If that happens, I will likely stop participating.

    Good Luck!

  18. Thank you Rowdydog so much for your help. Your site has been a life saver for me & others.After reading comments on your site,I wanted to post comments also. I have contacted GSN numerous times with complaints ranging from not being awarded oodles I earned to asking of when items will be restocked or to ask why certain changes occurred. For every complaint,suggestion or question I posed to them, they responded either vaguely or have reminded me that GSN oodles are free.In my opinion, they have been more direct & sterner with their comments when corresponding with me after they posted that feedback forum.I believe they have been flooded with complaints from us viewers/participants & feel the pressure.Whatever happened to the feedback forum? It was just gone one day.Maybe they didn't like comments posted? I was the one that suggested no expiration on oodles.They did notify me that they will not expire oodles @ this time for people who are active on their accts. & are sending my suggestion to the GSN Headquarters.It seemed to be smooth running when they first started the oodles program, of course prizes were available then,but then people started redeeming their oodles & prizes were not restocked for great lengths of time or taken away, therefore, people were disappointed.I didn't redeem any oodles, saving for big prizes, & then they were out of stock & then taken off list.So I was stuck with lots of oodles & no good gift cards available.I'm happy the GSN is free, but our time is also valuable.Again, thank you for all your hard work!!! Good luck!!!

  19. I agree.. the oodles are slowly becoming extinct. Plus GSN are slow or do not award the prizes as the contestants are promised. At one point I would stay home just to oodle.. now whatever..

  20. I understand. My roommate is home in the afternoons now and we take turns.

    I'm beginning to think I have a better chance of winning the Publishers Clearinghouse than I do of seeing any more of the gift cards. :-(

  21. Hi Rowdydog! I was just wondering but where do you find all the oodles answers? And does it take you awhile to post it all on your blog? Thanks :)

  22. Well, I'm a big trivia buff, so I know a lot of the answers. For the more obscure ones, I look on Google.

    It generally takes me anywhere from 30-45 minutes to answer the questions (if I have to look several up)and get them entered on the blog. My roommate does part 2 and gives them to me in a text document so all I have to do is copy and paste them. We do them early in the morning (usually around 6am Eastern).

    Happy Oodling!

  23. Oh I see! Thanks for answering rowdydog this was a question i really wanted to know lol. Btw have you ever been on air with gsn before?

  24. It's not like I'm a genius. I have missed the answers on some. I still post the correct answer. Also, some of the questions are pretty easy to answer with the answer choices they give you.

    No, I've never been on air. I've been called dozens of times, but I never seem to qualify.

  25. Oh lol. Last question I promise! Is there an age limit recquired to be on air with gsn? Im 14 and really wanna be on air and win a prize! Thanks :)

  26. According to the rules listed on their website for GSN Live and Money Meter, you must be 18 years of age or older. To earn and redeem Oodles, you must be 13 years of age or older (Except in Maine you must be 18).

    So you can still try to earn Oodles and get stuff, but you can't get on the air or enter any of the sweepstakes. :-(

  27. Wait!!! Did you just say I can't get on the sweepstakes!?! That's the only thing I spend my oodles on are you serious!?

  28. Unfortunately so.......

    Go to and scroll to the bottom. It's in the mouse print below the prizes.

    The age limit on GSN Live and Money Meter are in the mouse print at the bottom of the GSN Live home page.


  29. Here's one thing to point out:
    There is only one "prize" I am really interested in (the tv) which at my current rate between 10 pt questions and wonder wheel bits, i am earning about 500 a day and it will take me over two years of doing this every single day...
    I understand this is a business and it is bad business to just give Oodles away easily, but that is just plain silly!

  30. I've made the leaderboard and never received my oodles. Also, on a couple I've played, it told me my score was 0 when it clearly wasn't. They're pathetic.