Friday, April 16, 2010

Problems with GSN's Website??

Hey everyone,

I just received this email about a possible virus coming from GSN's website. This blog is scanned regularly by, so there is no sign of one on here or I would have been notified,

Over the past two days I have run into a Trojan Horse virus when running my virus scan that would appear to have come from GSN, more specifically from playing Solitaire. Have you run into this problem or heard from anyone else having this happen? Just to be sure as I could that it came from GSN, I ran my virus scan after only going to GSN and your web site and the virus appeared again.
Thanks for Oodles of Fun and all your hard work.

p.s. I'm running AVG as my Anti-Virus program.

If anyone else is having this problem or if you have notified GSN about it, please let us know. I know I had some issues with the site running slow this morning when I did the trivia questions, but my virus scanner didn't warn of any viruses coming from it. I'll run it manually again just to make certain.



  1. I also had been playing the GSN games. I did get a Trojan Virus, and had to take it in to my computer man, $125 later it was taken care of. I also run the AVG as my Anti-Virus, but my computer man said it was something different that was going on and the AVG wasn't getting it. OH well, least I got rid of it.
    Thanks for all you do on the Oodles of fun!!

  2. I think it is a bad ad link, as I have had ad pages blocked by Norton 360 while playing games.
    Also, I typically load multiple GSN pages at a time while answering 10 pt oodles, and sometimes pages will bomb out; at other times, Norton logs a potential attack. I have yet to be infected, however.

  3. A bad ad link? I wonder which of the thousands (I know, an exaggeration) of ads on their site it could be? Maybe they have too many ads?

  4. Haven't run into any trouble yet but I do perform a quick scan after going to the GSN website. I use the Firefox Browser on all the 10 point questions since it is much faster. Have to use IE on all the other games as I've been kicked out of two games using Firefox.

  5. I've had multiple virus issues from GSN's site. Sometimes they are blocked by One Care, but, a few have gotten through. The most recent infection put my computer out of commission for a week until my husband finally outwitted it. Thank goodness he is very skilled at computer issues or it would have cost me a trip to the repair shop. I have notified GSN.
    Thanks for this blog-keep up the good work!

  6. I sent the email to Rowdydog and I also have been running my virus scan on a regular basis. It was when I also noticed GSN running slow that I decided to run it again to see what might be wrong. I had been playing Freecell Solitaire, GSN's game of the week for 300 oodles and I wonder if the Trojan Horse I picked up was something GSN does to track how many games I played? I am far from a computer expert so it's just a thought. I'm thinking that it's probably not the case seeing as so many other people have now reported having similar problems. I have never clicked on one of their banner ads, but at times my cursor has rolled over one and the ad pops up. Really annoying and sometimes impossible to minimize afterward. I use Firefox as my browser and have only had problems playing Wheel of Fortune, everything else seems to be fine. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has responded to this post, at least I know that I'm not crazy. Good luck to all of you and we all owe Rowdydog a huge THANK YOU for his hard work and dedication to this blog. Without it I for one would have to spend a whole lot more time getting my answers.

  7. Speaking of Games of the Week, has anyone received their oodles for playing these games. We've had Spider Solitaire, Eggz and Freecell Solitaire and I've yet to get my Oodles. I always play these games 2 or 3 times more than needed to get to the number amount necessary to win the Oodles. Still haven't seen the Oodles yet. Thanks Rowdydog for all you do. I'm one of those regular visitors to your blog, mostly around 6:00 PM. Again Thanks!


  8. Definite virus on GSN while hanging at the spider solitaire window. Supposed Windows Security Alert pops up, but I knew it wasn't legit because the grammar was wrong. Ran SuperAntiSpyware, which found it and deleted it. Phew that was a close one. ByeBye GSN!!!!

  9. I was playing spider solitaire and my computer just shutdown. Now I get a failure to boot error. Any ideas on how to fix it.

  10. I keep getting a microsoft virus alert which stops me from doing anything on the sight after about five minutes. I says I need to clean my computer. No other sight has issues. It is making it impossible for me to play and participate in anything no more than a few minutes. Can you please figure out what is going on. I have played for years and this is a past time for me

  11. I when I log on to GSN my windows alert pop up saying there is a virus. My computer needs to be clean. I have AVG malware. I ran the scan clean it up. But what is going on with GSN site. I have been with them for three years. How do I contact them to tell, so they can fix the problem. Im glad I had protection.

  12. I got the virus from the GSN website while playing the Deal or No Deal slot game on Friday night 2-7-2014. My Norton's Antivirus program immediately caught it, notified me, and quaranteened the virus. I then did a quick-scan and nothing was found. I then did a full scan and nothing was found. Thank goodness for Norton's. I will not be going back to GSN. Just not worth the chance of someone getting my personal information.