Friday, October 23, 2009

Question of the Day and Trivia Questions - Sat 10/24

Question of the Day - What north-of-the-border baseball team won the World Series 17 years ago today? The Blue Jays

Where do Michael, Jim and Dwight work on NBC's The Office? Dunder-Mifflin

Eva Longoria's character is named "Gabrielle Solis" on Desperate Housewives. True

On what TV show did Charlie Sheen replace Michael J. Fox? Spin City

Who played the title role on the TV series, The Adventures of Jim Bowie? Scott Forbes

Who directed the 2007 flick 3:10 to Yuma? James Mangold

Ted McGinley did NOT play a main character on this show: All in the Family

Who played the Steve McQueen role in the remake of The Getaway? Alec Baldwin

In how many of John Wayne's films did his character die? 8

Who plays Austin Powers' father? Michael Cane

What did Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Rod Tidwell insist on being shown? The money

What's the correct name of this 1999 TV program? Turks

What is Bridget Fonda's relationship to Jane Fonda? Niece

What is the correct name of the 1985 cartoon? The Wuzzles

On Friends, who played Susan Sarandon's daughter on the fake Days of Our Lives? Eva Amurri

Frasier Crane works for KWCL. False

Alex Trebek hosted Wheel of Fortune. False

Which Heroes character has two personalities? Niki Sanders

George Lucas is best known for his work on: Star Wars

Who appeared in Run Lola Run and The Bourne Identity? Franka Potente

Adam West played Spider-Man in a 1960s television series. False

In which year was The Montel Williams Show first broadcast on TV? 1991

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert starred in the classic, It Happened _______. One Night

Which celebrity wasn't a guest star on Will & Grace? Ben Affleck

Who plays Dr. Laura Daughtery on Surface? Lake Bell

Which comedian portrayed Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat on the big screen? Mike Myers

Name Izzie's love interest who died of heart problems on Grey's Anatomy? Denny

What cartoon cat sings "Happy, happy, joy, joy"? Stimpy

"Mona Robinson" lived with her daughter, on Who's the Boss. False

Jack Webb played Sgt. Joe ____ on Dragnet. Friday

The TV show The Bedford Diaries featured characters who were: College students

Fill in the blank for the name of the film: _______ Night Fever Saturday

Where is the TV show, Ocean Ave. set? Miami

Who was in the 1959 flick Ben-Hur? Charlton Heston

What genre was the 2001 TV series, According to Jim? Comedy

What did Mork from Mork and Mindy say as a greeting? "Na-Nu Na-Nu"

Howie Mandel is from which country? Canada

Who narrates the hit crime series Law & Order: Steven Zirnkilton

Singer Clay Aiken guest-starred on which television show in 2005? Scrubs

Sherman Hemsley found out The Jeffersons was cancelled by reading it in a newspaper. True

On Three's Company, Janet was a: Florist


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