Monday, February 1, 2010

QOD & Trivia Mon 2/1 (Part 1)

Question of the Day - What gap-toothed talk show host debuted on CBS 22 years ago today? David Letterman

Which of these TV shows is based on the idea of vox populi? American Idol

In 1993, John Goodman won a Golden Globe for what TV show? Roseanne

The original cast of The Facts of Life included Molly Ringwald. True

What's the name of the 1968 TV program with characters "Fleegle" and "Bingo"? The Banana Splits

When did The $64,000 Question debut on television? 1955

In RV, what state do the dysfunctional Munros come from? California

Linda Fiorentino won her role in which movie during a poker game? Men in Black

What network did the animated series KaBlam! air on? Nickelodeon

What "keeps fallin' on my head" in the famous song from Burt Bacharach? Raindrops

What performer made his appearance in the 2006 film Grad Night? Coolio

Who hosted the reality TV series, The Mole? Anderson Cooper

In which 1957 musical satire did Fred Astaire play a high-fashion photographer? Funny Face

What Reality Bites star was once married to Uma Thurman? Ethan Hawke

Where is the TV show, The Odd Couple located New York

Which film features outlandish pranks by army surgeons in wartime Korea? M*A*S*H

Which of the following is not a character from The Alvin Show? Pinky

Who played Betty in the show Ugly Betty? America Ferrera

This is Bart Simpson's favorite superhero: Radioactive Man

What role does Wesley Snipes play in the Blade trilogy? Vampire hunter

Rowan Atkinson appeared in the film Scooby Doo, and dubbed the cartoon series. False

What animated TV character sells propane and propane accessories? Hank Hill

How is Angela Lansbury best known on American TV? Actress

Which role did Beverley Mitchell play in the TV series, 7th Heaven? Lucy Camden

Who starred on The Practice? Lisa Gay Hamilton

Nina Blackwood was among the first five VJ's of MTV. True

The Cosby Show gave Adam Sandler one of his first acting jobs. True

ohn Wesley Shipp played this superhero on TV: The Flash

Which one of these people was NOT a cast member of the 1990 TV series Afterdrive? Bernadette Peters

What is the last name of the actress who starred in TV's Roseanne? Barr

Boston Bruins forward Cam Neely appeared as a firefighter in what TV series? Rescue Me

What is the name of the casino on the TV show Las Vegas? The Montecito

What 1928 Herbert Asbury novel became a hit movie for Martin Scorsese? The Gangs of New York

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