Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Question of the Day and Trivia Questions - Tues 11/24

Question of the Day - What famous proponent of natural selection published On the Origin of Species on this day in 1859? Charles Darwin

On Friends, who played Phoebe's "long lost love", who is doing research in Minsk? Hank Azaria

The animated TV series, The Super Friends, debuted in 1969. False

The TV character "Mork" came from the planet Ork. True

In what desert does The Flight of the Phoenix take place? Sahara

On Roseanne, who was her gay boss/employee? Leon

Which TV series is about a group of surgical interns at a hospital in Seattle? Grey's Anatomy

In which 1997 movie would you hear, "Whoever tells the best story wins"? Amistad

Fill in the blank for the name of the film: The Lord of the Rings: The Two _______. Towers

Who quipped, "Heck, I'm no actor... My real business is stamp collecting."? Glenn Ford

In the movie Batman Begins, what is the name of Batman's love interest? Rachel Dawes

Mike Myers went to the same high school as what star from Will & Grace? Eric McCormack

Martin Scorsese plays a sea animal named "Sykes" in which film? Shark Tale

On Frasier, who wrote Martin's speech for Frasier Crane Day? Frasier

Where is the TV show, Life with Bonnie located? Chicago

What's the location within Griffith Park of the famous Hollywood sign? Mount Lee

In Pee-Wee's Big Adventure what was the name of his dog? Speck

What's the correct name of this 1981 TV program? Blackstar

Bob McGrath appeared in the children's TV show: Sesame Street

Who was NOT a judge on the first season of Dancing with the Stars? Randy Jackson

Which role did Mark Feuerstein play in the TV series 3 lbs.? Dr. Tom Flores

Tom Welling is the star of this show: Smallville

In which year was Murder, She Wrote first broadcast on CBS TV? 1984

Who composed the music and played "Alias" in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid? Bob Dylan

Name the disturbed antagonist in Misery. Annie Wilkes

What's the correct name of the TV talk show? Jenny Jones

From TV's House, name House's ex-girlfriend who was an attorney for the hospital: Stacy

How are actors Donald and Keifer Sutherland related? Father/Son

Who did George date for a short time on Grey's Anatomy? Callie

What genre was the 1973 TV series The Addams Family? Animation

Where is the TV show, Baretta set? New York

What film starred Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo? Grand Hotel

Which of the following is a talk show that Bill Maher hosted? Politically Incorrect

Candace Bergen first appeared on which of these TV series? Saturday Night Live

Where is the TV show, Barney Miller set? New York

In The Wizard of Oz, what did the Tin Man ask for from the Wizard? A heart

In 1989, which TV show won a Golden Globe? The Wonder Years

Which one of these movies did not include Halle Berry? The Waterboy

What kind of mask does Jason Voorhees wear in the Friday the 13th films? Hockey mask

On The Drew Carey Show, what was Mr. Wick's full name? Nigel Algernon Wick

What country was TV's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys first filmed in? New Zealand

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